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Investible Financial Services

We cater financial products to High Networth Individuals, by ensuring adequate personal services for meeting their financial goals.
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About Us

We are a set of professionals who cater financial products to High Networth Individuals (HNI) clients. Investible ensures adequate personal support & services for meeting their financial goals. We are AMFI registered distributors, having tie-up with leading mutual funds. We also cater Portfolio Management Services (PMS) and Alternate Investment Funds(AIF), based on the client's requirement.We are the first firm from Kerala to receive the BSE Star MF award for registering above 100 Sips in a single day(116) in 2022.

Our Managing Partner

Mr. Anooj K.G, the Managing Partner of the firm, has got immense knowledge and experience in the relevant field. He has more than 10 years experience in the Banking and Wealth Management Industry. Mr. Anooj is highly skilled with his Post Graduation of MBA in Marketing and Finance. He is a CFPCM Certificate holder from FPSB India, which is recognized worldwide. He is also AMFI Registered Mutual Fund Distributor, IRDA certified, and holds other relevant certifications for the Industry. His vast experience and deep knowledge in the financial field will help you to ascertain the product which you have chosen suits you most

What makes us preferred ?

BIG in a small company

Investible is a small firm; Each and every client who is a part of our firm is highly valuable to us. This helps us to give personalized services in a better way and also to have stronger bonding. We strongly believe that it is always better to be a VIP member in a smaller firm, rather than “BIG” in a bigger firm.

Financial Independence

We seek to provide financial independence. A well planned framework can help us to assist you to achieve your targets like children’s education, marriage etc and your retirement, leisure trips etc, which will eventually help you to be financially sound & free. INVESTIBLE will be happy to be your premium financial product distributor for all your needs.

Focused & Proper Research

We are focused mainly in Mutual Funds as it adds wealth to the investor over a desired period of time. We can give you proper research on the funds and ensure that the funds which you have chosen are the ones which actually suit your requirement. A deeper research and analysis will help in better understanding of the fund.

Wider Universe

Yes, mutual funds offer a wider universe which helps in diversifying your assets. Though the Mutual Funds are known for equity & debt, we can guide you on covering various other verticals including gold, real estate, international markets etc. This goes along with the saying “Don’t put all eggs in one basket”.

Time & Money

Time is like money. You can either spend, invest or waste it. We dedicate our time to study mutual funds to serve you better and save your time and money. As Steve Jobs rightly said, “It is really clear that the most precious resource we all have is time”. When you spend time making money, we spend our time growing your money.

Investment Horizon

There are a plethora of options in mutual funds to opt from, but the big question is “Does all the funds sync with our investment objective?”, the answer is “No”. We need to select those funds which are in sync with your risk taking capacity and investment objective. Any diversion from this could end up in a total mess, which we would never want to.
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